Knowledge is power.



Knowledge is power.

We do not like talking about money. We like to say that we are not interested in it - why does this theme trigger so many different emotions? When dealing with money our personality is reflected again. If the view of money changes, we change our relation to money. What role does money play in your life? Are you interested in getting to the bottom of these questions? 

On these topics and questions, Gehweg AG regularly organizes the two-day workshop "Money Seminar - 30 bold lies about money" four to five times a year under the direction of the outstanding Peter Koenig. Peter Koenig is the founder of the international conference series "Money & Business Partnership" and author of "30 bold lies about money" (2003). The Englishman Peter Koenig lives in Zurich since 1973 and speaks German fluently. More about  Peter König.

Details about the seminar can be found here.

Seminar dates:

Saturday, 28. September 2019
Sunday, 29. September 2019
from 10.00 to 17.30



Liberating your life, liberating your money.


Liberating your life, liberating your money.

The "Money Seminar" is the door opener to immerse yourself in the world of the peterkoenigsystem®. Are you enthusiastic about the "Money Seminar" and are you interested in in-depth and advanced theories on this topic?  

Peter Koenig has developed a system that builds on the "Money Seminar" and - as a continuation thereof - offers the "Source Seminar". This one-day seminar highlights the natural principles that every entrepreneur uses to materialize his projects and goals. The source seminar contains building blocks for successful recruiting, delegation and succession processes. After the first two seminars there will be the opportunity to apply for the Master Class. The Master Class consists of 5 modules. After attending the Master Class, the participants are enabled not only to benefit from the "Money Seminar" and "Source Seminar", but also to learn what stands behind the lessons learned. Thus, the participants can apply and pass on the procedures themselves as practitioners.   

The path to the peterkoenigsystem®

1. "Money Seminar"

2. "Source Seminar"

3. Master Class

Module I: The Money Work
What stands behind the "Money Seminar"?

Module II: The Source Work
         What stands behind the "Source Seminar"?

Module III: Where is your source (vision)
         Here and now. Creation of your „Masterpieces“ 

Module IV: Integral Management
         Working with people on different levels of consciousness

Module V: Integration
         Consolidation of money and source work,
also in connection with your own work assignment

For more information about the source seminars and Master Class you can contact us directly at

peterkoenigsystem® - Questions & Answers!

Who are we?
We are leaders in the field of 'collective intelligence', introducing practical tools, methodologies and processes to accelerate the realization of personal and professional goals in a way that matches the present Zeitgeist.

What do we do?
We carefully and sensitively break the taboo connected with money in order to integrate the subject and relation to it into the values, vision and purpose processes that are now becoming popular globally. The basic introduction is a two-day off-site seminar where everyone can research and develop their relation to money.

How do we do that?
By tapping into the research, and using tools developed, refined and converted over 30 years by Peter Koenig into a simple-to-understand-system - peterkoenigsystem®.

Where do we do that?
Gehweg AG is Peter Koenig's selected provider of the public "Money Seminars" in Zürich, one of the few places where he himself still leads these seminars.  peterkoenigsystem® is expanding in Europe with a
growing community of practitioners.

Why should someone attend the Money-Seminar or buy his book?
People who attend Peter König’s Money-Seminars or buy his book are people who really want to 'know'.  They want to know and understand in depth where their particular relationship to money stems from, see transparently how it is presently affecting their own behaviour, their families and partnerships, their personal as well as professional life, the organisation they live and work in, learn a simple approach to dissolve knots and help others do the same. Apart from that these people want to develop an approach so that their life plans, projects and businesses flow with increasing ease and pleasure.  They are willing to invest for a high return that starts immediately, and into a process that has love and a deep commitment to spirituality and the common good at its core.